The Carson Wentz wait continues

Carson Wentz is still a member of the Eagles.

Yes, the trade that was supposedly imminent continues to be imminent, or maybe some other word.

Here’s the latest, from Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Spoke with NFL management source (not from Eagles) about the Wentz melodrama. His viewpoint: If Wentz doesn’t want the Bears, Bears aren’t gonna trade for him. Eventually the Eagles take whatever Indy is offering, maybe a second plus something. Also, Eagles draft a QB 6th overall.”

There’s plenty in that tweet, none of which counts as hard news. Instead, it’s the opinion expressed anonymously from someone in management with a team other than the Eagles.

I’m sharing it because: (1) it’s a little slow today; and (2) it meshes with my view that the Bears shouldn’t want Wentz if Wentz doesn’t want the Bears.

Some of you have bristled at the idea that Wentz is in position to engineer his next destination. Bristle away; the reality is that no team will want a reluctant franchise quarterback. How can any team expect to reach maximum achievement with its starting quarterback if the guy doesn’t want to be there?

The attitude eventually will show up, whether in the extra hours spent working at work or the extra hours spent working at home or the reluctance to hold teammates accountable. Although a team can take a “tough crap” attitude with players at every other position, a team has no chance to win if the starting quarterback doesn’t want to be there.

So if Wentz doesn’t want the Bears (and he shouldn’t), why should the Bears want Wentz? They shouldn’t.

Thus, look for the Colts and Eagles to continue to stare at each other, possibly waiting until March 17 to finalize a deal that will give the Colts what they need — a quarterback — and the Eagles what they want — an exit ramp from Wentz’s contract, along with enough of a return that they can salvage a slim measure of victory from the wreckage that has become Wentz’s Philly career.